Be The Love

I’ve voted in every election since I was 18. Only three times, in all those elections, did my candidate win.

I wasn’t happy, but I prayed for the safety and success of the new President. I wouldn’t let my disappointment feed hate. I certainly never protested or threatened the supporters of the newly elected President.

I’m praying today for so many out there who have believed the lies that Trump supporters are hateful, intolerant bigots. Praying they will search for truth and stop feeding hate with the lies.

Praying they will not ruin their own futures by lashing out in anger and hurting others.

Praying for the safety of innocent people and the protection of our President. Just as I did when Obama, Clinton, and the Bush’s were the Presidents.


I believe that statement. I just think so many people have NO clue what real love looks like. Love that loves even when you don’t agree with someone else. Understanding. Hope. Gentleness. Peace.

Be the love you hope to see in the world.




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