Romance is More Than Poetry or Song ~ Valentine’s Musings on Love

When we were younger, “love” was romantic, flowery, and ethereal. It gave us giggles, goosebumps, and girlish notions.  
Blessed are those of us who have fallen in love ~ even while still somewhat suffering from girlish notions ~ but have discovered in our years of marriage that romance isn’t always like in poetry and songs. 

We are blessed to find men that see the value in being role models actively in their children’s lives, taking care of their wives, working hard each day, and lending a helping hand to those around him.
I smile to myself when I see a daydreaming young woman pining over romance and diamonds, chocolates and flowers, and a cute boy with dreamy eyes.

 I pray for her as well…that one day she will know the steady love of a man that may not show her his love by regularly penning a flowery poem…But he is writing a love story to her with his life which is built on trusting God, working hard, helping others, and making dreams come true for his family.

I am blessed with such a man and am thankful!   
Don’t get me wrong ~ I love chocolates, flowers, and jewelry as much as the next gal!  Those things simply have no place in measuring a man’s worth or his love. (Nor should we measure by whether or not he leaves the lid down. Just sayin’.)
Real love is present and accounted for every day, in the hard times, the monotonous times, and not so pretty times when romance has hit the door running because it isn’t tough or determined enough to handle real life. 

 May your life be filled with love.  The real, down to earth,  never give up kind of love.   




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