The Pains that Dim the Heart

In pain?
I would like to tell you my story…
When I was 9 my mother passed away. Then when I was 18, we lost 4 more precious family members within 15 months. A baby. A woman in the prime of her life. A grandmother. A grandfather.
At 27, my younger brother was overwhelmed by the pain & confusion and ended his life.
By the time I was 29, I was hopelessly in excruciating pain. Confused. Scared. Heartbroken. Angry. Sad. Trying to hold it all together for my young son and those loved ones around me who were also hurting. 
Failing miserable at most of life.
I hurled accusations at God. I doubted His very existence for awhile.
I say this so that you know that I understand. I understand hurt, pain, anger…all of it. I don’t blame people for feeling that way. I just pray they don’t stay there. God has healed my heart. He has answered my questions and given me a peace I never imagined could be real.
Maybe this give you hope. Maybe this makes you mad. But I love and pray for those who are hurting tonight. I know the God of Creation can heal all who turn to Him in simple, childlike faith. Put aside your accusations and ask Him earnest questions. Not me…I don’t have them. But if you’ll inquire of Him and have an open heart to hear…He is big enough to handle all your tough questions and bring you peace. He can restore hope. He did it for me, He can do it for anyone. 
I have learned over and over that the God of the Universe is not obligated to respond to the accusations of man…but He eagerly answers our questions and heals our hurts when we go to Him with an open heart. 
Goodnight and God bless.


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