Has someone hurt you?

Hurting people hurt people.  
That’s why it is so important for us to give God our pain and let Him heal it…otherwise, we pass that pain on to someone else with our words or attitude which spreads more pain. It can snowball all around us.  

Forgive others because the pain they caused you is probably just a drop of the hurt they feel inside. 

God can and will heal the hurt we turn over to Him. Be still and know that He is God…and choose to sow seeds of love — especially when you’re not feeling it — rather than sowing pain to grow like weeds in other people’s lives.   

Hard? Usually. Worth it? Every single time.

Forgive. Choose gentleness.  Receive God’s love and share it with others – especially when they don’t “deserve” it.

When you have the time, encourage yourself by watching this message on “The Keys To Forgiving Others (&Yourself)”.  The message begins near the 17 minute mark.  




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