Struggling?  Please read this. 

I struggled last year (and for years past) with feeling like I may not really matter much. Do I make a difference at all in this world? Do I matter for my family & my kids? Am I enough? It has been a very difficult struggle off and on for awhile.
One day, as I went about my business, thoughts of my mom overwhelmed me and I began to miss her so much. I became angry that I didn’t have her through my teens, twenties, marriage, kids…then I asked God why I still miss her so much when I only knew her for 9 years. I’m in my 40s! Shouldn’t I be beyond this by now?
In the middle of my pain, God’s gentle voice touched my heart and He said, “And yet you doubt how much your very presence matters to your children? And that you make a difference by just being there for them each day?”
I sat up straight. It certainly was a different thought. A thought I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t had before when I struggled with these feelings.
I share this to say to you – don’t let thoughts beat you down that you’re not enough or that you don’t matter. 

Someone in this world is encouraged, empowered, strengthened, comforted, or enlightened simply by your presence on this planet. 

Keep shining.  Keep giving God your shortcomings, approach Him boldly with all your questions and problems…and He can work them out.  

May your 2016 be full of purpose and joy for you.



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