On Refugees and Being a Christian ~ A Humble Request

I humbly ask you to consider my thoughts on Syrian Refugees. (I am so glad we are having this discussion.)
The past few days we have discussed in depth in our nation whether or not we should accepts tens of thousands of refugees from Syria. I understand the people on the different sides of this issue. I see the passion as Christians argue over whether to accept who they see as orphans and widows or to try to protect ourselves from radicalized men & women who might pose a threat. I get why many people don’t want to accept more refugees when we have so many homeless vets, while our foster care system is overwhelmed, while orphans are stuck for years in the State System with little hope for adoption. 
Here is my hope in whatever happens. If the refugees come in like waves or if only a few trickle in, then let’s not forget these passionate discussions we are having right now.  
If refugees break your heart and touch you deeply, then act on that. Donate, pray, serve, and love them! Don’t just leave them to the government to take care of ~ show them Jesus.
If right now, your thoughts are consumed with the homeless and struggling vets, then ACT! Find a local vet and reach out to them. Have your church step up, support them, and find them a home. Donate to the great organization.
If children in foster care bring you to tears or cause your heart to hurt, then get involved with organizations like HANK, Bluebonnet Children’s Center, Angel’s Crossing, CASA, become a Foster parent, or adopt!  
If people in prison touch your heart, find a local prison ministry and encourage men and women that second chances are possible! 
Whatever gets your blood boiling, stirs your heart, or nags at your thoughts – get in there and be a part in some way! Every little bit truly helps.  
But whatever we do, when the dust clears, let us please not return to just living our lives hoping that someone else is doing the right thing. Let’s not be satisfied to post pictures on Facebook that show what we care about without putting the time and/or $ where 

our heart is…
THEN we will be fulfilling our Christian duties to love our neighbor as ourselves, to help the widows & orphans, minister to the prisoner, and relieve those in need of their poverty.  
As long as we just expect the government to do these things, we are not a Christian nation.  
Christianity starts in individual hearts showing a loving Savior to the world – NOT in the halls of Congress dividing up one man’s money to give to another. 
Let us BE and not just keep talking about what our Christianity means. Whatever God touches your heart with is where He has graced you to make a difference. God bless you as you move on your love for others.
Imagine the difference we would make if we all acted on the needs that touched our hearts in whatever ways The Lord has blessed us to do.











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