Fresh Eggs & Encouragement from God

Recently, I was walking from my chicken coop back to the house.  I had my shirt pulled out in front like a pouch carrying my precious cargo.

The eggs I had just gathered swayed easily in the soft material.  I was careful with each step…more careful than normal.   As I walked, God started using the eggs to teach me.

As He spoke to my heart, I almost cried.  His message was so lovely.

I carried these eggs more carefully than normal that day because they weren’t simply destined to sit idly awaiting their use in our next meal.  These eggs were collected that day for an even greater purpose.  As I walked, I didn’t think of the temporary satisfaction that eating the egg might bring…I envisioned the beautiful chicks that these eggs would be in just 21 days!

Their potential, their value, and their purpose were far greater than a quick meal.  Here one minute – gone the next.   (Don’t get me wrong.  I love eggs and they have wonderful nutritional value!)  But these eggs had a greater purpose.  They would become living chickens full of personality and carry on the purpose of their egg laying breed.  They would hatch to become beautiful birds that would feed people on a far greater scale than just one moment in time.

God showed me how He sees people like I saw the eggs that day.  God sees people with all their potential, value, and purpose.  He loves them not only for what they are at this moment but for all that they can be when they’re nurtured, loved, and given the proper conditions to grow and mature into the amazing being He created them to be.

So many times, we see other people and we see them for just what we can use them for in that moment.   The cashier, the clerk, the mechanic, the teacher, the nurse, the custodian:  here today, gone tomorrow.    We see their momentary use and then move on.  Sometimes, we don’t see a use for them at all so we just walk on by without so much as acknowledging their existence.

Oh, how would the world be different if we treated each other with respect – not just for who we are in the moment – but for the amazing future God has planted on the inside of us!  Perhaps…just perhaps…if we began to treat each other with respect and honoring each other’s God given potential, value, and purpose, then we will start giving each other the proper conditions each human needs to find their inner value and fulfill their God given purpose in life.

It sounds clichéd, but their truly is more than meets the eye with our fellow human beings.  God is no respecter of persons.  He has planted potential, value, and purpose in each of us.  Those seeds just need the right encouragement and conditions to develop.

All you may see is the egg, but take a moment to envision what the egg could become given the right conditions!

All you may see is an unhappy clerk, a disheveled beggar, a no-nonsense business lady, or a stern police officer…but take the time to envision the love that God has for them and all they could be if given the right encouragement, prayers, and love.

Humans tend to look on the outer appearance, but God looks on the heart.  The heart is where it’s all at.




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