When I say, “I love you, son.”

When I say I love you. It’s not just words. It’s an expression of every minute…every second of the tenderness, excitement, joy, amazement, awe, and wonder I have had for you since the moment I knew I was pregnant with you.  
It’s every twinkle in your eye, every time I have hugged you tight or kissed your boo-boos, and all the laughs we have shared together over the years.
Every time I say I love you. It’s both making a promise and the keeping of promises made since I began speaking to you while you were in my belly. It’s every snuggle, every tear, and every smile.
I didn’t know. I didn’t know before I had you that I could love someone so much. You taught me how to love more deeply, selflessly, and completely than my mind thought possible.
I thank God for you everyday. When you catch me staring at you and think I’m strange, I’m gazing because you will always be the greatest wonder in the world to me.  
God chose to give you to me. I don’t know why but God does so many things for us that are better than we can imagine.
You, you my child are one. Better than I could’ve imagined or hoped or even planned for myself.
My prayer for you is to keep seeking after God and allow Him to develop the Seeds of purpose and greatness He planted in you. He alone can do that.
I love you. Always.


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