There Is Hope After Tragedy

I normally enjoy quiet days and peaceful moments to reflect. But today is hard. 

 Memories of my brother – happy and sad – keep floating through my mind.  Memories of him then fill my mind with memories of Mom, Granny, Papa, Nana, and so many others who have passed away.  

I say all that to say this…these painful reflections in my past have made the beauty of the present crystal clear.

I know pain. 

 I know loss. 

 I have experienced them at depths that have taken me to very dark and lonely places. 

So, when you see me smiling, when you hear me talking about how good God is, when I tell you that He can heal every hurt, when I tell you your future doesn’t have to look like your past, when you see me enjoying each day as the gift that it is…

When you see all that know that it is a miracle. 

 It’s a miracle I can live, love, and function as I do. My life is a witness of the power of God to redeem, restore, heal, and bless a life that’s been shaken by too many tragedies.  
When you see me or read this blog – please know you see a work of God. Because there is no other reason for me to be here living the life I live. 

If you’re hurting and would like me to keep you in my prayers let me know, I would love to spend my day praying for others.



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