A Mom’s Secret (or Overlooked) Superpowers

A mother has a superpower of which she is generally unaware.  

I became aware of the power when my mother passed away – and the effects of her power was lost forever.  

So, I want to tell you in case you didn’t know.  Mom, you have the power to make normal events seem special.  You make a house of wood & brick into a home.  You can kiss boo boos to take away the fear & amazingly replace it with comfort.  You make others feel special on their birthday and add a certain excitement & buzz that others can’t.  You make things…better…Even little things like toast & oatmeal.  Your smile can stop a child’s world for a moment and make them feel like the most special person on earth.  Your hands are studied by your children and will be remembered for years to come.  

Your hopes, dreams, attitude, and excitement are infectious.  Keep hoping, dreaming, and looking up.  Your family will follow your gaze! 

These are just some of the special things I miss about my mom.  Things that no one else could replace.  When my mom left, it’s like I went from living in color to living in black & white. 

When I became a mom, I realized that we have so much power to make – or break – a home.  So, be encouraged mom.  It’s the little things you do that make your house a home and make a group of people a family.  We make the choice to bring color back into our lives and into our families. 

You have far more power than you realize to affect your children and husband for eternity.  Be encouraged.  Be empowered.  Your love and presence are enough to fuel a child for a lifetime.  

I only had my mom for 9 years but I still look at my hands and I see hers.  I still smell oatmeal and remember her love, smiles, and hugs in the mornings.  

She was so powerful that she still affects my decisions and I still seek to make her proud.

It’s the little things – so don’t let the big things wear you down, Moms.  Keep smiling.  Keep loving.  Keep kissing boo boos.  

Your attitude affects your husband and children greatly.  Find a good one (attitude) each morning and wear it despite the winds of adversity knowing that your faith, attitude, and strength will help carry your family through to the other side of their adversity. 

Love to all mothers.

To my mom, until I see you again, I hold onto your smile, find strength in your memory, and try to be the best mom I can for your grandsons.

I love you.




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