Are You Holding The Answer to Your Prayers? 

In order to reap a harvest, a farmer must first let go of his seed.  

Isaac sowed in the time of famine in the Bible.  He trusted in The Lord of the Harvest to direct his outcome rather than in the circumstances like other people.

He reaped a hundred fold harvest & prospered when others held on to what they had in fear.

Maybe your circumstances are screaming for you to hold on tightly to what you have…but The Lord of your Harvest would ask you to “give and it shall be given into you.”

If everything around you is showing signs of lack & famine, then that’s the time to pray and ask God, “What have you placed in my life as seed to sow?” 

Follow your heart and trust God to do what He has promised in the Word.  He gives life to the seed and produces the harvest. 

Don’t grasp tightly onto what may be the seed that can produce the greatest harvest of your life.






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