Why I Write

There are many reasons that people blog.  There are many inspirations & motivations behind writers putting a pen to paper (or their fingers to the keyboard).  I wanted to share with you mine. 

I write because my heart overflows with hope.  How can I be silent? 


I write because I understand loss.  I know pain.  I have experienced despair.  I have cried too many tears.  I have been in lack.  I have questioned and accused God.  I have doubted God’s very existence. 

I write because God has answered my questions.  He has comforted me.  He has wiped my tears.  He has redeemed my past.  He has healed my heart.  He has brought me to a new place.  He has restored my hope – and He has confirmed His Word in my life. 

How can I not tell people of this hope that I have?   How can I not point people to the amazing love of a generous, kind, and attentive Creator?  How can I not introduce people to my Savior?  How can I not tell them of His great love that not only assures me of a heavenly home, but daily shows me His love & redemptive nature? 

How can I not write?  How can I not speak?  

His love and hope fills me inside to the point of overflowing.  I cannot contain something so great as HOPE and LOVE!  I cannot hide it.  I dare not hide it.  

There are too many people in this world who need hope – who need Jesus.

He is my reason for everything.  He does not disappoint. 

I write because I want you to know Him. I pray that my experiences and stories will inspire you to seek Him and know Him in deeper ways. 




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