I Love Love 

I love love. 

Not the flowery, knee jerk kind of love I once daydreamed about – that’s found in chick flicks, romantic movies, or even adventure novels. Not love that is deeply emotional or a roller coaster ride of thrills and butterflies in one’s stomach.

I love the love I have found after giving up on the sensational. I love the love my grandparents had for each other when they stayed together through the death of a newborn and the difficulty my grandmother had for many years after that day. Lifetime kind of love…

I love the love that says, “Who cares how we feel right now, I made a commitment to you and I’m staying. I won’t leave you. We will figure this out.”

I love the love that shows up in the small details and mindful moments.

Sure, we have those days where our loved one walks in the room and we feel all giddy! I enjoy those days as much as anyone.  smile emoticon But love isn’t built on emotion, it’s built on choices. Everyday: faithfulness, duty, responsibility, and integrity. It gives more than it takes. It is hard…and I love it. 

I love love. I’m thankful that I’m finally getting to know real love with my husband and boys. 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love that is tough, that doesn’t give up, and refuses to walk away knowing that feelings come and go, but love IS.

I love love. God is love. If you know love, you get a huge glimpse of God.

And I love God’s gift to me so very much. 

I wrote this last Valentine’s night after looking at Facebook and thinking how much I dislike the “love” most people get all excited about.  It’s so temporary and one-dimensional. 

Then I saw the post of a friend who lost his wife a couple years ago. He cooked her favorite meal, set pictures of her in front of himself on a romanticly set table, and he remembered his wife…the love of his life. It brought me to tears and I immediately thought “I love love.” 

May you know love in your lifetime and not settle for the cheap & silly knockoffs people will try to talk you into. 




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