Running On Empty

I think one of the hardest things to face in life is your own inabilities.  When you want to help someone in need and you do what you can, but come to the end of yourself and realize there is nothing more you have to offer or can figure out for them.  You don’t want them to blame you even though you’ve done what you can.  You don’t want to feel weak by admitting you’ve done all you can.  

The biggest test in this situation is not letting go of your pride.  Not giving up…but giving it up to God and realizing that He loves that person even more than you do – and He is far more capable to meet their needs then you are.  Where you are weak, He is strong.  When you’re on empty, He can make up the difference and renew your strength. 

“Lord, I admit I can’t do what my loved one needs the most. But I know You can.   Help me to give this concern to you, to let go of my pride, and my worry.  Help this person to see that even though I am limited – You Are not.  Please help them to see your great love for them.  Thank you for your faithfulness and grace.  In Jesus Name, Amen.”




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