I begin

I can think of little else that we (modern humans) love to hate – and hate to love – more than the Internet.  I feel much the same.  There is so much here in this winding web that entices and entangles us.  Too many places we can be lifted up or dragged down.  So, it is with much excitement and anticipation that I venture out from the whimsical writings of my comfortable Facebook page into the world of blogging. What do I write about?  Life. Grace. Failure. Success. Animals. Nature. Education. Work. Family. Friends. Humor. Pain.  Actually, any topic that builds up, encourages, entertains, or enlightens may be discussed here! I seek to live a life that finds the meaningful and the humorous in every situaiton.  My life has had tragedy after tragedy and yet by great grace I find myself living in a better place.  A peaceful place.  A place that affords me the ability to share that there truly is hope for any and every hurting soul.  I hope this blog will spark hope, calm fears, ignite dreams, and always bring a smile to those who need it most. I humbly ask you to read with an open heart and share with others any time you feel someone else may be lifted or inspired by the journey I have been on – and continue on each day. Humbly, Heather


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